LOL and FYI with Hallmark cards

No more excuses for saying BRB and TTYL to those special people in your life! Bring out the cool netizen in you with the Hallmark net_speak* cards.

Can’t get enough of the internet and online messaging? In the tradition of enriching relationships, the new Hallmark net_speak* cards take it up a notch by going cyber-savvy! Keeping in touch with your loved ones has never been this awesome with humorous and thoughtful expressions in internet slang. Each card makes it feel like going online every single time and will definitely give an OMG to your loved ones.

With Hallmark net_speak* cards, no more 🙁 , and all you will get are :’) and :D. Get one for your loved ones ASAP and see them go from this: (:|) to this: (>:D<)

Hallmark net_speak* cards are available in National Book Store branches and other leading book stores nationwide.