Your Home at Casa San Pablo

Home is where your heart is.  You can say that you’re home when you feel most relaxed.  When we visited Casa San Pablo, I felt like I just visited my relatives in my hometown.  I’ve read a lot of wonderful stories from families who stayed in Casa San Pablo  and my own  experience just  proved  how it was like having a vacation at the  resort.

Casa San Pablo is a cozy  bread and breakfast  inn  inside a family compound.  There are many things that can  make Casa San Pablo different from other B & B is their modernized yet traditional setting,  grand in nature and  a place that will  take you back to your childhood days.  Every room  has a unique theme and  the old  set of antique furniture will make you feel nostalgic.   Boots  Alcantara,  an avid  art collector and hobby enthusiast and his wife An Alcantara, a writer and magazine editor run  Casa San Pablo. The B & B inn is surrounded by a hundred year old trees and and were planted even before the house was built.   The pine trees will make you feel  like you’re in Baguio and the portable hammocks under the trees will give you a very relaxing  feeling.   Imagine yourself  in a swing with your favorite book or  just walk  around the green yard with your kids. Truly home that is!


During our stay, the kids  also got the chance to play part in native cooking demo.  It was rare because this kind of activity is not only  interesting but educational too.  The owners/innkeepers, Boots and An Alcantara, (innkeepers as what they call themselves)  are very warm and always make sure that their guests are comfortable during their stay.

 Native Cooking Demo
When in Casa San Pablo, you have lots of activities to do.
Clay Art Making


Oh there’s more.  Here’s a video that I want to share  what to do at  Casa San Pablo.

Casa San Pablo
Barrio San Roque, San Pablo City, Laguna Philippines
Contact Numbers: (0920) 962 4083 (0917) 812 6687  (632) 211 2132