pink to brighten up my day

I was supposed to post this entry last week but my pc hangs every  now and then and when I get the chance to blog, it’s the time when my two girls would take the lappy  from me.  I thought my PC is still in good condition  because when I went to the shop, it works just fine, when I came home, it works either. Two days after, it acted up again and now my windows totally couldn’t start even in safe mode, maybe because of too many restarting procedures that  I made.  I called for service today and now  waiting for my  PC  to be fixed.  I hope it still works because I couldn’t afford to buy  a brand new unit, not today, not soon.

So here’s my entry for this week.  A colorful flower I took  from Puzzle Mansion.  It is now in my background as it refreshes my day by just looking at the light pink color.  It resembles the flower that I used to pick at the wild when I was a kid. It resembles the little princess spirea but it’s not. Please help me remember the name of  this flowery plant.

Florwers in full bloom, in pink, yellow and orange.

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The Heart of Nuvali

It was our first time to visit Nuvali to think that the place is  just an hour  and a few minutes away from Manila.  The place is nice but we arrived there  when the sun was up  and was too hot  to walk  around.  I’ve seen a lot of blogs with their Nuvali  story  and  the  Koi fishes  in their photos  caught  me  that pushed  me to see the place myself and see them for real.

So colorful!  I wish we could stay there a little longer.  The  fishes rushing  every time we  threw in   some food  was so relaxing.

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Colorful French Macaron

Colorful Macaroons



I love these Colorful French Macarons. You don’t need to go to Paris to taste the hottest food trend. Many local restaurant serves this vibrant and colorful macaron. Don’t be confused with coconut macaroons as it’s quite different.  It’s just too pretty and dazzling to eat.  A threefold macaron, two soft pad of cookie  and filling in between.  I was glad to have it just in time  when I craved for it, during our Kipling event.  I ate some and satisfied my craving.


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Colorful and Relaxing View

After spending a few hours in Liliw Resort, we headed Splash Mountain for an overnight stay.

The picture above was taken before we left Oasis Hotel. I love the place because of the view of a mountain that you could see from the room. Relaxing.

Another blog post is waiting to be posted in my other website.

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Front Page

I am posting here a photo of her. To keep this image from G crawlers,  I will refrain myself using these keywords as she requested:  the school/university,  the event,  the hotel where the venue was held and anything related to.   She just told me that some of her classmates found her photo on the first page while searching for one event in their university and saw  her picture.  “Is your mom blogging? I saw your photo posted in a blog.” 🙂

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