mommy moments: favorite entry

Our theme for mommy moments today is about our favorite entry. Mine is Dress-up Day. I always love seeing my kids wearing gown or dressing them up for any occasion even participating in school events.
So here is my favorite entry:


mommy moments

My little girl was five years in this picture as flower girl in my cousin’s wedding.

Also in wedding of my cousin. My older daughter was six years old here.

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Not Into Wearing A Dress

I seldom wear dress. I remember joining weekly meme and posted this as my entry. You can only see jeans and shirts in my closet. I only have one or two in my cabinet that I wore during my interview. I guess it just doesn’t fit me at all. I posted this in my old entry as my wish list to wear in my daughter’s debut. I hope this still suits me six years from now and hope my body stays the same built by that time.