El Penumbra deserves to win

Last night, I watched Pilipinas Got Talent season 3 grand finals night and was totally surprised with the result. Watching PGT season from the start of the audition to grand finals prompted me create my own list on who will make it to the top. Even from the start, I did not count Maasinhon in my top five or at least in my top ten list. I did not expect PGT would declare Maasinhon as the winner. Okay, they got the talent but maybe, or should I say that it was not really the talent that counts in the end but the vote to make it as PGT winner. I think that the result should not be based on votes of the the people alone but also from the judges. For season 3, of the three finalists, only the The Bringas Brothers deserve it to be on top three, at least in my opinion. El Gamma Penumbra should have won the title. They showcased their over powering talent in their shadow play act. To El Penumbra, you still have a very bright future even if you did not win the title. Prove the world what you really got!

Now, let me ask you, did you vote and support for your bet last night?