nightmares in the morning..

My everyday routine is waking up 4:30am in the morning even if I was up late the night before. After preparing my children to school, I normally go back to bed for another 3 or 4-hours sleep but not this morning where I slept only for an hour. Last week I had a very bad dream, it was actually a nightmare. I really don’t know why bad dream usually happens to me in the morning. Today, I had one of the worst dream ever. I woke up so scary, so I just kept myself awake and had breakfast, thinking if what was happening around me was real until I finally convinced myself that I wasn’t dead. I had my breakfast, a cup of coffee and slice of bread, and Magic was beside me, staring and having his breakfast too.

I started my day today in a quite different way. I made a little research why nightmares usually happen in the morning.

“Nightmares, and dreams, happen during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phases of sleep. During the night, the brain goes through several stages of sleep and around every hour and a half switches into a REM phase. REM sleep phases last longer as the night goes on – which is why most dreams and nightmares happen towards morning.”-NHS

I am not convinced yet why it happens to me in the morning. Maybe because of my bad sleeping pattern. I will share later about my nightmare in a separate post.

Have you encountered bad dreams or nightmares too?

can’t wait again

Time flies. Seems like yesterday when we plan for a vacation. But it feels like vacation passed by for few moments. Summer becomes shorter. We even experienced floody Manila in the mid of April. It’s been raining for three days now and there’s a storm and another storm is coming in again. It is really very frustrating that our plan of hopping in one nearby island didn’t push through because of the bad weather. We’re still planning again, but not hoping anymore since the season seems to be finally going into rainy days already. If there’s something I’ve missed, it will be a lengthy vacation with certain things I used to do, home away from home.

Daisypath Vacation Ticker

whats in for today

What’s in the hot news today? Why are my kids scared of this swine flu? My kids are so much aware about of this virus. My little daughter is browsing the web and do a little research about this virus. She even asked me not to cook pork because virus might be transfered through meat. Really? but I watched the news and it clearly says it can’t easily be transfered through meat.

I have images for today. When I don’t feel writing to long, I do it through todays image.

Here in Manila, ice cream is one of favorites during summer.. This is not the magnolia, selecta or nestle ice cream. We call this “dirty ice cream” and why dirty? Here’s a little trivia.

“Sorbetes” is a Filipino version for common ice cream usually peddled from carts that roam streets in the Philippines. This should not be confused with the known sorbet. It is also commonly called ‘dirty ice cream’ because it is sold along the streets exposing it to pollution and that the factory where it comes from is usually unknown; though it is not really “dirty” as the name implies. It is usually served with small wafer or sugar cones and recently, bread buns.

You can see through their eyes how they love dirty ice cream..:) Summertime but hair seems to be blown away by summer wind.. 🙂 Sorry for the photograph. This is one-take click photograph.

More of todays..
I cooked pork for lunch, and you guess, my little daughter did not eat it. Instead she ate the leftover chicken adobo last night, maybe because of swine flu?

Into food trip today. My older daughter doesn’t care much about that news. So we both have a full lunch.. 🙂
Fried pork chop and pancit canton..

Need not share my recipe since this is pinoy canton and everybody knows cooking method of this “famoso de cantones de pinoy”.. but I have a secret ingredient for this. I also use oyster sauce instead of soy sauce. Here’s something for you I wanna share, just for a food trip..

I’m counting the calories…
I exceed my calorie limit for the day. 🙁

my today, my review, my sunday

We’re supposed to spend our weekend in my sister’s house but it didn’t push through for some reason.. my busy sister with her homework, the weather yesterday with some lightning and thunder, a little rain, and of course unplanned Sunday. We decided to reset our get-together. It’s alright, everybody is not in the mood anyway. We just want this summer vacation a worthy time for us, for when school days open, it will be a busy day again, not only for my kids but also for mom like me.

Watching TV occupies most of our time at home. It’s a bonding time for us. But watching TV with my younger daughter is like watching show with commentator beside you. You wouldn’t fully understand what the show is all about because she keeps on giving opinion and does much of the talking more than the show. In one episode of Mel & Joey this evening, most traveled woman was featured. She has traveled 87 countries and she is 86 years old. My daughter reacted then. There are only two countries that she wanted to visit. Greece and Brazil. Brazil, because she wants chocolates, that’s her reason. Well, fine, only for chocolate. She didn’t elaborate about Greece. I didn’t ask why, for it will be another long story again, so I keep quiet. I wanted to concentrate on TV first, it was a nice episode. This old woman being featured on the show really amazed me. She has traveled the world and has learned the culture of every country she has been visited. I hope someday, I can travel too. Another wishful thinking. 🙂

Switching to another TV channel during commercial break, we watched this ad for Pinoy Dream Academy. Again my little darling voiced out, “I hope I can audition too when I reach the age of 15.” WHAT? Hey little baby, you’re not that serious, are you? do you have that talent in singing? I never know she had this love for music. Oooh.. she must be kidding when she said that. 🙂

I have no image for today to share. Too lazy to take a picture. But I went online for this few minutes of writing. I hope everyone had a blessed, happy and peaceful weekend! Good night!

the week that was

I’m feeling a little sick now. I can’t blog much of our vacation. First, the picture on which I have to post for our everyday things, including todays image were unintentionally deleted from my camera.

Last Sunday, my niece, Baby Issy was baptized. She is 8 months old and with superficial resemblance with my bro in one of the pictures that I took. I was supposed to share pictures with my brother who was not around for his little darlings christening. I captured every details of the event but I was totally dismayed when I found out that no images were left in my camera after uploading in an infected computer. I was unaware of the condition of pc. I’ve called my brother and informed him what had happened. I felt so sorry. Sigh. My heart cried that moment.

It wasn’t actually hot summer. It rained almost half of the week. The kids really enjoyed playing badminton in the afternoon and also playing in the rain and kissing the raindrops at summertime. They can’t have that in Manila, when there is a little rain, heavy flood follows. Those photos that I have captured were also included in deleted folder of my camera. 🙁

Nothing to share/update much since the images were gone. It was all in my memory but I can’t ask any photoshop how/whatever technology/software to use to print them and connect the usb straight from my memory. Would it be possible? Just a wishful thinking. 🙂