Double Fun at Soyami!

I’m glad that there’s a chips that is good for adults and the kids too, SOYAMI!

It was a double-event for us last Saturday. Kids enjoyed their playtime at Active Fun while mommies were at the SOYAMI’s  Nutritious and Delicious Cooking Show. My younger daughter will be turning eleven this coming November, although at times, she acts like a little lady, still she is a child at heart. She plays together with other kids and when I went to check what she’s doing, she was having fun with other kids at the play area.

It was not the first time my daughter and EZ, Fedhz’s daughter, met. They got acquainted in the previous events where Fedhz and I both attended.

We rushed to go home that day because my older daughter was expecting us to be early. Glad we made it. We got home just in time. My older daughter surprised me with a cake. A simple celebration on the day of my birthday!

Family Time: Long Weekend

It’s another long weekend for us.   This month, we refrain ourselves going out to the mall. We decided to save this long weekend for a simple getaway but due to some unavoidable reasons, our supposed plan was cancelled. We’re supposed to leave today. Good thing the owner of the resort agreed and have our reservation rescheduled in a later date. I am sharing here our bonding time two years ago together with my whole family taken in Laiya Batangas. We planned earlier to have this kind of getaway but things are beyond our control. We believe that there is still a perfect time that God sets for us to enjoy this day, maybe when the weather is fine and when everyone in the family is okey.

Today, my kids and I are going out to attend the mass and will later dine out maybe in a restaurant somewhere. I really miss going out in a beach, a resort and just cook food for them and  watch over my kids, nieces and nephews have bonding time together.

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Family Time: Visit to my PILs’ Hometown

Howdy? We had a very tiring weekend and days seemed to pass by so quickly. We spent our weekend in Batangas to visit my PILs’ relatives. On our way to their hometown, a foggy Tagaytay pleased our eyes, thus we enjoyed the cool and relaxing trip more. My PILs’ craved for Pinoy food and asked them to prepare food that they’ve missed even before we arrived. We were welcomed with puto, coffee and suman as we reached the destination in time for breakfast. It was all day eating and among the food they they served, I like best ginataang langka and sinaing na tulingan. My kids enjoyed the trip even though we were like a flat tire when we reached home late that night.

It makes the trip complete with our pet “Magic” with us.

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Family Time #8: Our Sunday

Hey yah! For the love of Family Time meme, no matter how busy I am these days and the coming weeks, I still and promise to find time for this entry, so here’s mine.

My Sunday was occupied with too much stuff around in my mind. Husband came home for a two week vacation. We have no concrete plan yet about where to spend our vacation. My PILs will be coming home too, so it’s a full house for us. I guess more busier days ahead are waiting for me. I’m happy though, my kids will have enough time to spend moment with their grannies.

Yesterday, we were at the airport. My camera was just there hanging around my neck for no purpose at all. Okey, I brought my camera with me but I forgot to take a pic of them. We were already at the van going home when I remember what I’ve missed.

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Family Time #7: At MOA

I am posting this entry in html mode. My children are  right behind me while creating this post.  They don’t expect these photos be included in this meme. I was actually looking for the old pics and found one of our family weekend in MOA. They were laughing and teasing about their looks  with dry and naturally uncombed hair.  I think they’re really grown up and don’t like to see unwanted pictures be posted. It was windy that day and they’re having a bad hair day literally. These photos actually are the bestest.  After malling, we dropped by in bay area and had a short  walk as they blow bubbles together. Families flock together in the mall during weekends as  shown in the photo.  Just like us, they also do grocery together and wait for the beautiful sun to go down.

The coastal side slowly  turned  quiet and calm as the  golden sunset appeared through the grey clouds.

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