Tuesday Couch Potatoes

Fantasy Adventure
I missed one entry last week, Family Movie. Nevertheless our theme for this week is Fantasy Adventure and my entry though a fantasy film, is also perfect for family.

Brendan Fraser played Trevor Anderson as the visionary scientist in the movie. Together with his nephew Sean (Josh Hutcherson) and local guide, Hannah (Anita Briem) Trevor unexpectedly trapped in a cave from which their only escaped is to go deeper and deeper in the depths of the Earth. This movie being a fantasy adventure is also very funny although there are some unimaginable creatures like carnivorous plants, piranha, and dinosaur. The three explorers later realize that only few little time is left with them for volcanic activity is slowly threatening their lives. So all they need to do is to find their way out.

I watched this film for about two or three times together with my kids. We all love this movie, although some parts were a little bit scary, it balanced the humor and lightness of the film. Recommended for family who loves fantasy adventure.