Lenten Season, Time for Reflection

Last Palm Sunday was the start of Holy Week. For Christians, Holy Week is observed by spending time for reflection. But many Christians of today are celebrating for some recreation, leisure or spend vacation in a resort. Just a moment with God no matter where we are gives deeper meaning of Holy Week. We almost forgot that Holy Week is time for reflection on Christ passion, death and resurrection.

Lenten Season, Time for Reflection. (40 days of lent starts on Ash Wednesday, February 25) I must admit, i have been frustrated, been hopeless, and full of doubts and questions in the other side of my life where I’m a failure. But then, God has a reason for all that i never knew. I asked myself for things on how my life turned out to be. I reflect and God answers me in His way.

Let us all remember that trials, worries and sufferings in our life are just a small part and not whole of our life if we reflect on how Jesus Christ save us by giving His life for us.

Have a blessed Holy Week to all!