I am deeply saddened

with yesterday’s 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan. Mommy bloggers from Japan were needing prayers and for all who were deeply affected by tsunamis and earthquake. Yesterday, I was actually shocked while watching and hardly believed it was actually happening. Meanwhile, a blogger friend Jes with her two kids was on her trip going to US yesterday and had a stop over in Japan. She and her kids were already out of the airport building and on their way to boarding on the next plane, going to Arkansas when earthquake happened. She felt the earth was shaking but was not really aware about the real impact and the damage the earthquake had caused until she reached US where her better half was anxiously waiting.

Let us all offer prayers for all the victims of earthquake and tsunamis and that soon Japan will recover from this tragedy. Earthquake really is unpredictable. Japan is adapted to earthquakes and is the most earthquake-prepared country, if not, the damage could have been worse. My prayers to all the families of the victims..