Highly Equipped Clinic

My daughter finally had her tooth extraction last Saturday. I was beside her all throughout the procedure. I felt she was a little bit nervous and held my hand so tight as soon as the treatment started. My daughter said that she felt a little pressure but no pain at all.  Extraction was recommended based on the result of her panoramic x-ray to give enough room for the other teeth.

I always tell my younger daughter that she needs to go to the dentist regularly to keep her gums and teeth healthy. She thought it was scary during her first visit but not until she met her dentist. For other children, going to the dentist can be very daunting. They even get sick when the day of the appointment comes.  I am thankful that my daughter did not develop any signs of phobia.  I told her from the start that she will feel a little pain but still tolerable anyway.

In modern times, procedures are done using new advances in technology. The dental clinic that we go to is quite small but highly equipped which I believe that every clinic should have. Medical professionals should take ekg for quality medical equipment.  The patients will benefit more in having modern facilities in hospital or even clinic.

Panoramic X-ray
my daughter during her treatment