back from a week blog holiday

I’m back now after a week blog holiday. My friends wondered where I’ve been for a couple of days now. I hibernated and thought what would life be after this? Would I emerged from my cocoon with a colorful life or back to my real world? And yes, I’m still doing the same thing. Nothing but only missed a lot here, my Yummy Sunday, Mommy Moments, Tuesday Meme, and my co-bloggers.


“Buwan ng Wika” was celebrated last month. My daughter participated in their school activities last week for the said event. She was wearing Filipiniana in this photo, “baro’t saya and sinelas” and their theme is “Barrio Fiesta.”
Look! seems like my daughter is truly enjoying her freshman year..

Happy long weekend everyone!

moms little lady

I’ve been so busy preparing for your school opening lately. I am more than excited for you, well I guess from the first day of your preschool years till now, every little adventure of yours excite me. Now that you’re about to enter secondary, I asked myself for so many times about this. Have I prepared you for another challenge in life? I know that high school is far different from grade school where in that years, you have so much fun that you truly enjoyed.

When you were in your younger years, I found it so hard to reduced your weight. You’re a GAIN baby and you really were so big for your age.

You look so healthy here. I always sigh with this photo and I really missed those days, big clear round eyes and long wavy curly hair.

You were about four years old in this photo, you’re just too pretty in moms eyes. You love to wear bracelet. I just found out now, you have it both hands. 🙂

I still remember how happy I was to see you in this gown. I saw your beautiful eyes, a well rounded face, looking at the camera, posing like a lady.

In your pre-school years, I was there and waited for you till the end of the class. You eagerly tell stories for every little achievement in your school. When you got three-star in your hand, you always asked for a reward.

You were only ten years old when you graduated in grade school. You never know how proud I am for you when you made it only for five years as fast learner with a very good grades.

I was more than a proud mom when you passed the entrance test in one big university. Out of thousands who took the exam, only half passed the test. I was really worried about the result, but later I found out, you didn’t just pass the test, you also made it with flying colors.

I took this picture yesterday. Although you were too shy that I took this inside the mall, you still smiled at the camera for a very quick shot.

I just can’t believe I have now a daughter taller than me. I don’t say I stand too short, you were just so tall for your age. Thanks, you got your height from your dad.

I wonder why you were so conscious now of your built. I was surprised when you checked your body weight today and found that you loose few pounds again. You’re in a better shape now.

On Monday, you will enter another challenging stage of your life. Although I can’t be there beside you 24-hours a day, I am not worried because God will take care every single moment of your day.

I will always be here for you. Love you so much, Mom

on being mom

everytime i watch photos of my daughters during younger years, i cant help but sigh.. ten years have passed quickly. my little maizi then is so big now. she was three in this pic.. i missed those toddler times. she can’t be my baby again that crawls and obviously cries for food and milk.. :p

i’ve been a fulltime mom since she was born, but i still feel that the time on being mom wasn’t enough. i was beside her from the first day of her kindergarten years and it was just so hard for me to see her alone without mom in the first day of school.

even if i still want more time to spend on her younger years, i can never turn back time anymore. i still love staring at them while sleeping, like when they’re still my baby. every single moment with them is a treasure.

sigh. i am thankful how God blessed me.

i am sharing some old pix during her kindergarten years. everything is beautiful in mother’s eyes.

meet my princesses…

this is Meyz, (this is how she is being called by friends) she is smarter than mom, chubby and bubbly.. aspiring stewardess or a chef.. and she can only achieve it if she reduce her weight.. Half kidding!
and jill.. a fairy princess, enchanted by disney fantasies, she believed that she could really fly like this character being mesmerized..”

meet my princesses and how sweet they are… giving foot massage to ate during a tiring day camp..