one morning

What a senti morning for me. This morning while I was having my coffee, I viewed some pics and i got stuck into this. I just don’t know what came over me that i became so emotional. :'( Or masyado lang ako sentimental even when my kids were rushing to school not to get caught by the bell and giving me a quick kiss for goodbye. How crazy it was for me, when I said that my life is so empty when in fact i have this silly little girl and a thoughtful ate meyz in my life. Sooner than i ever realize, I will look up and no longer have a naughty little jill cuddling mom before she sleeps, or asking mom for lullabyes, like her “ate” now, she’s bigger than mom. I can’t take back her younger years. Sooner they will be busy involved in their own lives.
This morning, I had a hard time waking them up for a breakfast… hhmmnn..
My sister who works beyond eight hours in the office has been telling me she had this guilt feeling of being a partime mom. So, how incredibly lucky i am to be home now and stuck in the same old daily routine.

This is what her mornings look like when she’s in good mood. The bed later will be a mess. She’s wearing old pajamas and kinda ugly and i love to watch her in this cutey attire..