Mommy Moments: Welcoming New Sibling

Theme for the week for Mommy Moment is Welcoming New Sibling.

My eldest daughter was two years old when I got pregnant to my second baby. My older daughter was aware of having a new baby sister. And as soon as we got home after giving birth to new baby, I gave her more attention because I knew she’ll be a little jealous with new sibling. But then, she was more excited with her role as a big sister.

Welcoming a sibling is definitely as excited as first born. I say even more excited, because a new sibling means a new addition and a new blessings to family.

Please bear with the quality of my photograph here. 🙂 

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Her Favorite Pancake

I remember when I was a kid, my mother used to bake us bibingka made from cassava.  I also remember cooking palitaw and other kakanin as our meryenda.  My two daughters have different preference when it comes to their snack. Younger daughter prefers pancake while my older wants hamburger, fries and pasta.

Today, cooking their  favorite snack is easy. In three steps, I can already prepare hot pancake for my younger daughter. It’s her favorite too.


Older daughter who is now in secondary school can have her favorite snack when she wants it. Mcdo, her favorite fastfood  is accessible inside their campus.


Mommy Moments: Something New

Theme for Mommy Moments this week is SOMETHING NEW that I or my daughter received last Christmas!

sure they are quite comfortable with their
new pair of shoes..
and Meyz got this too..

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This is my first post for 2010!
May we all have a peaceful, healthy and prosperous 2010!
Happy New Year Year Everyone!

MM: Christmas Moment

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Our MM for this week is Christmas Moment.

Oh I love chocolates! Christmas brings so much happiness for kids. My children went out this morning together with their friends and greeted their godparents a Merry Christmas! BTW, thanks to my in-laws for sending us box of goodies!

Photo taken a while ago.. Usual Christmas visit!
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mommy moments: favorite entry

Our theme for mommy moments today is about our favorite entry. Mine is Dress-up Day. I always love seeing my kids wearing gown or dressing them up for any occasion even participating in school events.
So here is my favorite entry:


mommy moments

My little girl was five years in this picture as flower girl in my cousin’s wedding.

Also in wedding of my cousin. My older daughter was six years old here.

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