What a Mess!

It’s Friday once again. It is Mommymoments Day and the theme for today is “Look at that Mess.”

my daughter is eating mango here. this was taken two years ago after seeing her cousins peeling off the mango skin using their hands. this was during our summer vacation in province.

messy room during her seminar. mom was not there to fix the mess, she’s all by herself..

never cares about the messy sorrounding, all that she wants is to blow bubbles, more bubbles..

carefree child with an ice cream..

Mommy Moment "first step"

Today is Friday. For some, it is TGIF. For mom blogger, it is a Mommy Moment day and today’s theme is “first step.”

Since I have older kids and their first step or milestone is not available right now, my entry for mommy moment today will be a big major first step of my older daughter.

As a mom, we always want to be there in our children to guide them and be with them 24/7.This was the first time that my daughter had to be away for three days all alone without mom and this was during grade school. I consider this as one big step as a mom conquering fear and trusting God in our life and for my daughter taking independency and responsibility out of being alone.
Youth Congress held in Baguio wherein my daughter actively participated.
The event gave her the chance of budgeting her own allowance for three days. On the first day of the congress, she already bought sunglasses, a hat and pasalubong. She wasn’t that excited, huh.

I can’t help but missed her a lot for three days. Although I’ve been calling her from time to time, still I was counting every minute for her to be home. When I fetched her from the trip, she was really very excited to share her experience in the congress.

To let her learn sense of independency and responsibility is one big step in my life, and I guess her first major step too.


mommy moments “playing time”

Today is Friday and I’m joining again mommy moment with theme “playing time.” Having playtime is an important component of child’s mental and physical development. This also helps develop special skills and creative thinking. While of course, an outdoor playtime with kids are very important for them to develop their social skills too.

Involve ourselves with our kids. This photo is an indoor playtime, since this is the only available photograph stored online. Let our children play and let them spend time to just be kids, and have fun. Let them roam free, be an outdoor or indoor playtime.

I just added these old pictures, maybe a little late for posting.