cry for help!!!

Mother Earth is crying, protesting by extreme weather condition we are now embracing. This is the first summertime that I have experienced in Manila with strong rain that caused flood in mid April.

Yesterday, I felt sad to hear that my two nephews were sick. It costs me much trouble too, to know about my niece, who is 10 months old with cough and flu. And hey, just this morning, my neighborhood that I haven’t seen for a couple of days just told me that she is still recuperating from a week-in-bed of illness. Unusual climate this summer lead lots of people to become sickly. And that’s why, I make sure that my kids are vitamin-loaded to fight against sickness. But is this enough? No! And what caused us to be in this condition these days?

Our nature is being abused. We all need to be aware of this. I was in despair last week when I watched the local news on how manileƱos treated the environment. The creeks were all clogged. Pasig River is being used to dump their daily garbage. How could such people treat the only floodway in Manila to use as garbage dump. Maybe this is an awakening situation, mother earth is crying out for help.

Sailing in good old Pasig River,

and now, what do you feel about this?