pink to brighten up my day

I was supposed to post this entry last week but my pc hangs every  now and then and when I get the chance to blog, it’s the time when my two girls would take the lappy  from me.  I thought my PC is still in good condition  because when I went to the shop, it works just fine, when I came home, it works either. Two days after, it acted up again and now my windows totally couldn’t start even in safe mode, maybe because of too many restarting procedures that  I made.  I called for service today and now  waiting for my  PC  to be fixed.  I hope it still works because I couldn’t afford to buy  a brand new unit, not today, not soon.

So here’s my entry for this week.  A colorful flower I took  from Puzzle Mansion.  It is now in my background as it refreshes my day by just looking at the light pink color.  It resembles the flower that I used to pick at the wild when I was a kid. It resembles the little princess spirea but it’s not. Please help me remember the name of  this flowery plant.

Florwers in full bloom, in pink, yellow and orange.

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Mother Nature

Do you love Mother Nature? Please take good care of it. I wish I could go back here once more but I don’t think it will happen again soon. I hope the spring will remain as it is, not dried up or polluted ten years from now.  We’re lucky to have this trip, our first to see a real spring.

Mellow Yellow Monday

My second entry for Mellow Yellow Monday and the story behind Gumamela. 


Everytime my daughter sees Gumamela or “hibiscus,” she would always say, “look there’s gumamela here.”

Few years ago when my daughter was in prep school, her teacher asked them to bring gumamela flower. After looking around the nearby garden and asked some friends for gumamela, we arrived home nothing in our hand. Gumamela is seldom seen here in the city. We went to Dangwa, “flower shop in Manila where you can buy different kinds of flowers,” but still there’s no gumamela. To her frustration, she brought roses the following day but her teacher said that it can’t be used to study the different parts and only gumamela is perfect and has the complete part of the flower. All the sterile and fertile parts of the flower are present in gumamela.

This photo was taken last year during our vacation in Laguna and my daughter so told me to take photo of it. I never knew that taking photo of this last year has its own reason, to share in my today’s Mellow Yellow Monday.


Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.Rabindranath Tagore-

*photo courtesy of my 9-year old daughter