Check your speed!

When we headed north, I was puzzled why Joy’s husband drove  at this speed, 100km/hr.   So tempting to 180/km but they safely follow the  sign.  We own the road.  No vehicles.  No pedestrian.  No traffic officer nearby.

Drive at the speed of 100km/hr at the max and 60km/hr min. That would be the safest.  Tempting to hit the  but you must follow the rules,

or  be  surprised when caught by a speed checker by radar.

Imagine, if you came from Manila with a heavy traffic and you see this tempting  wide and  lonely empty road.   Parang kaka hinayang lang  lang di ba.  You know what I mean, at your own risk.

SCTEX is more progressive than with the south. The road was quite smooth with  great view everywhere. The mountainous side gives a refreshing feeling while the smooth road will make the passengers  fall asleep.