Scrapbooking Workshop and more

Scrapbooking always seemed to be last in my activvity list  because, for me, this kind of hobby is  expensive.  With all the available digital scrapbooking, why should I spend for this art?  That’s what I thought.   When I received an invitation  to attend a  Scrap N’ Tell worshop, I gave it a try with hope that I’ll get to know what made others love this activity.    My daughters who are lovers of scrapbook insisted to attend.    If you are a reader of my blog,  you surely know about my daughter’s project about scrapbooking and from there, she took this activity by heart.

At first I find it tiring and stressful to do.  Glad I made it!  It turned out so enjoyable and now I’m wanting more and looking forward to do all my  scrapbooking.  Yes, now!  Not tomorrow, later or soon.

It was  hard to follow at first and couldn’t  relate but later on after   every  details given to us from the artist,  I couldn’t believe it.  I made such a very beautiful mug, well at least in my own opinion.  I’m just  so proud of my work.

Project :  Mug or Pen Holder


Who would think that this card board  could  turn into a  very beautiful mug,  a very cute keepers in my working table, don’t you think?  Wait till you see my finished product.


One of the mugs here is mine.   Which of the mugs below   is the cutest?

At the second part of the event, we were given step by step instruction on how to make a scrapbook.

We followed carefully all the instructions and made a beautiful  scrapbook out of the materials given to us.

My seatmate Jing took it by heart, and me too.   I enjoyed a lot and it was my first time to do scrapbooking.

That’s all folks! I will post another entry on how to make a scrapbook step by step in my  next post. Get ready with your materials  and  let’s do scrapbboking together!

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