366 BPC: Solid Shapes

I want to challenge myself to post one photo a day, I meant the current one so I’ll remember what day I had in my archives with BPC. I shouldn’t be posting the shameful image but no, I have too. I sweated out so much creating this  with the help of my little one. This task was assigned to her for Math subject, to create a prism image out of the following solid shapes: rectangular prism, cube, sphere, cone, pyramid and cylinder. Tadaa, here are the fruits of our labor. The first we made was  big and scary. I suggested we build a castle but she refused and said she needed a prism image like a robot. The first one was a bigger shape so I created another  and it was such a mess.   She chose the latter. I created with snowman in my mind but the image ended up as scarecrow. Haha.  We finished  them around 1am. Good thing I have enough 3M supplies to connect  the shapes. I don’t know what grade she will expect today for this assignment. Okay, never mind. 🙂

My  entry for 366 Blogger Photo Challenge