on blog holiday

i already have dealt with my stress. everything went smoothly last week except that i can’t post right now and update my blog. i’ll try to bloghop later. i’ll be on blog holiday for a week or two or until the transfer of my dsl takes effect. thanks all who drop by and left comment in my blog. miss you all folks!

im stressed out

I’ve been so stressed lately and here’s the list of things that I need to accomplish:

1. can’t post here number one in my list that caused me to be stressed out
and what follows here has just added to my stressful day..
2. 3 pending task in blogsvert
3. math tutorial for my daughter
4. eon debit card
5. tv, rice cooker, movie player, mediacom were broken, need replacement/repair
6. landline, dsl, cable…
7. renew/update of everything..

i hope to get all these things done this week. i’m just sooo soooo stressed…:(
stressed is desserts spelled backwards and so i need to run now to the nearest store for my favorite chocolates to destress.

my daughter and her experience seeing Hilary Clinton

This is not about who is Hillary Clinton and I have no idea why she visited Manila. I’ve just heard from the news about the VFA ties between US and the Philippines, and financial help extended by US government for Ondoys victim particularly in Marikina. I just had to write this short post just as excited as my daughter about Hillary Clinton’s itinerary set to visit their school today. I saw in my daughters eyes last night her excitement as she prepares her American flag banner. Yes, excited! She told me that she needs to be in school an hour earlier than her usual schedule. And it’s all worth it as she said, seeing Hillary Clinton is an experience she will never forget and a bonus to see Chris Tiu, co-host of Survivor Philippines. (photosource)