Back in the US of A!

After a month vacation, my PILs safely landed back in the US. Living across the miles comes back to life through online communication. Although their internet seems to be so poor, we still had a chance to talk about the tiring eighteen hours trip going back home. They are planning to get a new service provider with clear connection just like sirius signal. My PILs complained about intermittent internet connection from time to time.  I do hope it will be installed soon. Anyways, there is still other means of communication like cellphone and land line where we can connect to each other anytime we want to. Right after we talked this morning, they headed straight to my MIL’s sister to console her sister who was grieving about the sudden loss of her husband.

Rising Technology

“Take it easy!” these are the words that I heard from my younger daughter who was beside me while I was tweaking my blogs yesterday. It could be the hardest thing for a noob like me but for tech people, this job is the easiest. I am a tech challenged mom. I know simple coding but not to the level of web designing  and  layout.

Two decades ago,  women never gave serious consideration about taking a career related to technology.  I  never thought about how fast  it  will rise in a decade. Many opportunities today call for some technology knowledge.  Information technology however in my last formal job opened my eyes and gave me an idea about how this career in today’s  generation  have developed rapidly.   Today,  use of the internet and wireless  technologies has become the biggest break in the industry creating outstanding growth of  tech jobs.  It  goes beyond the internet, wireless cellphone and many others.  It  also creates opportunities to many workers maintaining machines and computers.