blessings keep on pouring

It’s a real good day today!

Before doing my usual mornings today, I turned the computer on, and checked my email first. I felt very excited when I saw an email from PPP. My entry was approved. It was my very first attempt for a paid post. It could be no big deal to other bloggers but not for a newbie like me even for a very minimal fee. Now, I get to know more about PPP. Thanks!

And what makes me more blessed?

Of course, my so much love, a flip-flops! This will complete my everyday get-up, my jeans and shirt.

I just finished my PPP the other day about my love to perfume and here’s an additional to my collection. Thanks to my in-laws who are very thoughtful and sweet for always sending me stuff like this.A baby alive for my younger daughter as a mid-year bonus. She was really waiting for this being fascinated with dolls. I just don’t know what’s gonna happen with this stuff in a later days. I hope not the same fate with her old barbies, now neglected, long forgotten and undressed. I told her to be responsible. So far, she’s busy now babying her dolls.

Sure you love your new doll. What about Magic now? I hope you still play and give him much time he deserved. (Magic was not available during this photo shoot)

These maybe are material things, but what makes this special is their sweetness and thoughts for sending us balikbayan box. Thanks to my husband and my in-laws for all the goodies and stuff thats full of love.

I would like to share the following quote from my favorite author.
“Love and blessings pour out when we least expect them.” Nenen

keep pouring…

enjoying icon for free, chocolates for dessert, waking up for another day, online friends, my plurklandia, butterfly in the city (wow its rare), virus-free computer and A1H1 free, hearty meal, good words from a friend, healthy kids, newly polished nails, uninterrupted & speedy internet, 8 hours sleep in a soft bed, cable connected, two landphones, one celfone, sweet music from my lovebirds, janitor fish cleaning my aquarium for free, hot pandesal this morning, a cup of coffee over umagang kay ganda show switching to unang hirit on commercial break, paid meralco bill, a ROAM magazine if ever… and a lot more blessings to count

rainy days and saturdays

So how do you spend saturdays and rainy days?

It’s been raining for almost a week now. It’s a blessing for many. I think it’s more of relaxing time for me. Enough reason to stay home the whole day. Who says you can’t do anything on rainy days. Let me blog this..

i can’t go to mall, i’m afraid of swine flu. my daughters school defer opening of classes to June 15 due to a1h1 virus.

i have enough tv babad time with my bebe.

i can even play with magic.

my sister with her family was here today. i cooked sinigang for lunch. it was a full meal actually. another pounds added on my weight. my favorite meal on rainy days, perfect with patis and sili.

for snack. i have lots of this. so nuts

hot coffee, cup after every cup. perfect for rainy days with nuts go nuts.

I still have bad connection, but i’ll try to post this entry.
Slow connect, good thing i’m able to open this site.
See you there. 🙂

moment with magic

usual scene in the house,
my daughter and my Magic,
enjoying their company together.
they both love movies, dvd.
my daughter left him,
and he seems to be looking for a company.
end up alone watching dvd.
smart shih-tzu, he’s a great pretender.
he seems serious but actually he’s not,
keeps on barking on a comedy show. 🙂

food trip

I’m into food trip right now. This is our dinner last night. You guess what lechon is this. Hmmm well, this is Andoks Chicken Lechon. I prefer this than Baliwags but when it comes to liempo, lechon from Baliwag tastes better. (I should get paid for this..:) So when I feel lazy and have no idea what to cook, I just go to the nearest lechon house, which is few meters away, so there a full dinner for us.

Another food trip…. inihaw na liempo the other day. I gained few pounds since I started eating pork again.
And here is our lunch/merienda for today. I went to supermarket yesterday and I saw a new product from Del Monte, A Beef & Mushroom Pasta Sauce. I added this item in my cart to try this new sauce. My kids are craving for pasta so I cooked this for their lunch and merienda. I will not share the recipe anymore, since I cooked this by just mixing all the ingredients with the same method of cooking spaghetti.
I’m not really good at food photography, but this is the only subject of my passion right now. The food is ready, have lunch with me. 🙂

back home

The most enjoyable time to travel around anywhere else not only in Manila, but also throughout the Philippines, is during big fight of Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. Because this fight caused us a no-traffic hi-way, zero crime rate (the criminals were also on holiday only to watch this fight), and the resort where we spent our weekend seemed to be isolated too.
The whole world watched “Pacquiao-Hatton-the battle of east and west” yesterday and we’re away from the rest of Pacquiao mania that time, we monitored this victory though. Kudos for the man who raised our nation on top of the world again. GMA proclaimed national day of celebration for this victory.
Congratulations Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao!

After this short weekend, (no long weekend is enough for us) I’ve gathered some wonderful things around my sisters house, for todays image, and here are the photos..

ALL THINGS BRIGHT AND WONDERFUL, this is how I see everything around me, sharing through this post for todays image..

Feels good today after a short break from bursting noise of the city. Though I’ve missed the real-time fight of our great Kamao, I still enjoyed the weekend with my family.