secrets of the master

last night, i was able to catch the episode of “secrets of the master” where maizi is regularly watching on QTV. i saw her seriously watching Chef Logro and so i note down some tips on food presentation. it wasn’t that easy especially when you’re not in actual preparation.:( we watched the episode rellenong chicken binakol and lengua estofada segoviana. i tried to browse the website today, unfortunately, no menu or image came out, only rellenong chicken or binakol. i have the image below for lengua estofada but it wasn’t the exact presentation last night as segoviana, but closely match the image.

I don’t have the menu and everything but it’s the secrets of the master i can share.

in cooking or boiling green vegetable being use for food presentation, you need to soak the boiled veggies at once in cold water with ice to retain its freshness and greenness.

in cooking meat like pork, beef and fish fillet, use mustard cream. the flavor of something salty, something sweet, something sour comes from the mustard.

executive Chef Pablo “boy” Logro is the first filipino to attain the executive chef position among five star hotel chefs in Metro Manila.
he worked in Sultan as the master chef. his passion for food lead him to international culinary art and is now presently the Vice president of Hotel and Restaurant Chefs Association of the Philippines (HRCAP)