The Road to Liliw

You will pass by about six town after Calamba before you get to Liliw Laguna. Please check the google map for this as I am not sure of the exact information I provided here. The road is quite narrow and long and you will find houses almost a kilometer distance in between. Traveling by night is not recommended. I could imagine how dark is it at night with no lamp posts and houses on the street.

The road trip even if it takes you few hours along the provincial highway is relaxing with the green fields and mountainous side as common sight.

Drying rice along the highway is also a common thing here. You will pass by the road where almost half of the lane is covered. In this photo, the owner of the rice is still considerate for not eating the whole lane. In case there is a vehicle coming on the other side, you need to stop and give way so as not to hit the “palay”.

I will post about the whole trip in my other blog, up next..

You are what you eat!

Literally! My daughter asked me in a humorous tone if this quote, “you are what you eat” was true? I replied, ah, yes, so true! haha. I didn’t get at first until I noticed the flavor that we had that Saturday night.  An ice cream with Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla flavors. Exactly the color that she wore that day!

Did you see the shadow? A little shadow but quite enough to post for my Shadow Shot Sunday entry.

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Family Time #7: At MOA

I am posting this entry in html mode. My children are  right behind me while creating this post.  They don’t expect these photos be included in this meme. I was actually looking for the old pics and found one of our family weekend in MOA. They were laughing and teasing about their looks  with dry and naturally uncombed hair.  I think they’re really grown up and don’t like to see unwanted pictures be posted. It was windy that day and they’re having a bad hair day literally. These photos actually are the bestest.  After malling, we dropped by in bay area and had a short  walk as they blow bubbles together. Families flock together in the mall during weekends as  shown in the photo.  Just like us, they also do grocery together and wait for the beautiful sun to go down.

The coastal side slowly  turned  quiet and calm as the  golden sunset appeared through the grey clouds.

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Family Time #2

We always spend our weekend at mall and that’s our family time together dining in a restaurant. You will seldom see us at home during weekend. On Wednesday, school vacation will officially begin and we cannot frequent mall anymore. I have no summer activity plan yet for my children but most probably, I will enroll them in a swimming class to refresh their skills. Anyways, this is my Family Time entry number 2. Yey! I am sharing here our weekend in Tagaytay. Other photos were already shared in my previous entry so I chose only some for this meme.

Before heading Tagaytay, we went home in Batangas and had some fun with their cousins. They’re playing with toy guns here.

enjoying bubbles at the park with cousins..
and yours truly.. glad, I got a photo here. i’m always behind the camera.

Let my photos speak for our weekend! Happy Family Time!

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